One of the greatest inventions that the world has ever known (and there are many that we could list) is the #2 pencil. Pretty simple object, right? Let’s look at it a little closer.

What a genius idea it was to attach an eraser to one end of a writing device. Unlike the ink pen, there would be no need abandon the whole document and certainly, no need to start over. All one has to do is “flip the end”, use the attached eraser to erase the mistake, and continue writing.

The Grace of God is to your life what a #2 pencil is to a document.

There’s no reason to stop, even if you’ve made a mistake. Simply flip the end (repent), use your eraser (ask God for His help and accept His Grace) and continue on your journey. Sure, you may still see traces of the past on your pages. But our lives aren’t final drafts. You cannot be perfected until your story is first completed. And you cannot complete your story if you quit.

I hope you never look at a #2 pencil the same again.