It’s a brand new year, untouched, unopened. What will we do with it? What does this new year that we’ve been blessed to see need from us?
In order to answer this question, I’d like to first tell you a little story of something I recently encountered.
For years, I’ve thought and even said that I am not handy. In time’s past, I’ve gotten out of having to do repairs because I’m both the baby girl of my family and I’ve been able to rely on the men that I was in a relationship with to handle it. But now that I am grown and single, I’ve had to confront my limiting self assessments.

I’ve had a coffee table with two wobbly legs for at least a year now. I gave it a quick glance but since I didn’t have the necessary allen wrench to tighten the loosened screws, I assumed it was impossible to fix. But today, something welled up inside of me and simply said, “Try”. So I went to that drawer in my kitchen that’s the catch-all drawer and pulled out every tool I thought could be useful. I found a pair of needle nosed pliers and a phillips head screw driver. I tightened the loosened screws by hand as much as I could and then I used the needle nosed pliers to grip the screw and slowly, but surely turn it until is was sufficiently tightened.

No, I didn’t have the proper tools which would have completed the job more quickly. But turns out, I had everything I needed all along. I just had to take a moment, apply myself and realize that it could be done with what I had.

And that will be the story of 2013 for you.

Stop waiting for everything to fall together perfectly because it won’t.
Don’t count on having everything you need delivered to your doorstep in a nice package ready for your immediate use. It won’t happen.

Instead, resolve to look around your life and pick up what’s there.  Trust God to give you the necessary wisdom to use what you have in new, but highly effective ways.
Some people may wonder how it will work. You’ll probably wonder yourself. But the key is that no longer are we saying that it won’t work and waiting for God to change everything to our liking.
We’re going to arise in faith and believe God to take what we have and work it together for our good.
The near year brings in a wind of refreshing to all areas of our lives. Maybe you’re contemplating a career change, starting your own business, going back to school, or rededicating your life to the Lord. No matter what needs refreshing in your life, take advantage of the new year.

It is awaiting your instruction. Tell it what to do. Tell each month what you need and expect a harvest.

That’s what this new year needs from you.

Decree a thing, and it will be established for you in 2013.

“Say what you hear until you see what you said”.