You loved me with everything you had.
And even though that may not have been much to some and not enough for me,
It was all you had to give. You gave it, and I received it.
I will always be your girl in that world to which we belonged.
And my soul will long for you there.
For as long as you had me, I was completely yours.
For as often as you need me, I will be here for you.
I don’t apologize for loving you still.
I can’t apologize for love.
I apologize for mistakes I make.
And loving you was never ever a mistake.
Maybe I made wrong assumptions and there were times my timing was ill timed.
But the decision to love you was never wrong.
And I will not put love on trial because my heart was wounded in the heat of passion.
Love still is and always will be the sweet song that plays softly against the noisy refrains of life.
And love is the reason I even know you from Adam in this world.
And it’s the reason you knew me.
Maybe you don’t know me as well as you could have and as much as you should have
But trust me, you know enough.
You have known my love and frankly, isn’t that enough?
That’s enough to know and all there is to know.
I’ll spare you the details and the biography; the never ending sob story.
All you need to know is love.
You felt it. You saw it. You had it.
While I can admit I was an imperfect messenger
That takes nothing away from the message.
What I delivered to you in shaky hands and in unclear speech was love.
And that love is still as beautiful today
As the day you said “I do” to the one you wanted then but no longer want now.
And I forgive you because it’s about love, not me.
Love hired me and I can only represent love’s purity, not my own insecurities.
I work for Love, not for drama.
I live for love, not for pain.
What do I have to gain from love?
Eternal life.
Forever to live, breathe and enjoy love.
Forever to thank the Lover of my Soul for the pleasure of loving others as He loved me- Unconditionally.
Love is a seed that grows over time and I know it’s planted within you.
I may not be there at harvest time
But when you reap, you’ll think of me.

*This piece was written as an artistic expression of the continuity of all the relationships I’ve had with men, from the beginning of my life til now. I hope you enjoy it.* -Mel