I was seven years old when I had the experience that laid the foundation for what I’m about to write today.

 My father was a part of the church choir and one day our choir was invited to sing at a church located in Detroit, MI. This meant a long road trip for my family and the other choir members. We began our journey from Greenville, SC to Detroit, MI in the evening and I can remember falling asleep and waking up a couple of hours later. What happened next is what changed my life.

My mom noticed that I was awake and she said to me, “Good morning”.
I was completely puzzled. I asked, “Mama, why did you say good morning? It’s still night time”. She said, “It’s still dark outside but at 12:01, it becomes morning”.
It was almost more than my little mind could conceive and it’s a moment in time that I’ll never forget.

It’s dark outside…
But it’s a new day.
It looks like night time, but really, it’s morning.

That’s the encouragement I want to bring to you today. You may be in a season of your life that appears dark. Everything around you is telling you that you’re still in your night season. But the truth is that a new day begins in darkness!

If you can hold out just a little while longer, you’ll see the sunrise.

So even now, while you’re facing darkness, go ahead and do like my mama did, 27 years ago. Proclaim, “Good morning!” over you life and watch the light begin to appear.