When my children want a snack, they know that they are to come to me and ask me for what they want before taking it. Instead, what they have done several times is get what they want, start eating it, then come to me and ask me can they have it.

I’m sure a few moms out there can relate to this! lol!
It can be quite annoying.
But as I examined my frustration at my children’s behavior, I had to acknowledge that oftentimes we as children of God don’t behave much differently.

How many of us women are guilty of getting the man, sleeping with the man, then turning around and asking God if the relationship is His will?

How many of us have applied for the job, gotten the job and then came back later and asked God was it His will for us to be with the company?

How many of us have given a reply to something or someone and then after it was said, prayed and asked God if we said the right thing?

When my son and daughter take something without asking me, I stop them and correct them. I explain, “You don’t just reach out and take things without asking. You ASK mommy first and once I give you an answer, THEN you take it!”

Sounds simple but it’s time we applied the same principle to our own lives.

Before you date that man, sleep with that man and get emotionally invested with that man, ask God first.
Before you take the position with that company, ask God first.
Before you hit “send” on that email, ask God first.
Matthew 7:7 says “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you”.

And one more thing…
After you ask…


 The difference between a thief and a receiver is permission.

Decree with me: I ask for what I want and need according to Matthew 7:7! I am a receiver, not a thief!