It’s been said that relationships are tested in times of great trial. While I believe this to be true, I also believe  testing comes more specifically through disappointment.

Maybe disappointment has come in the form of an unfaithful mate, rebellious child or fair weather friend.

When our earthly relationships disappoint us, we handle them in a variety of ways; revenge, silent treatment, walking away.

But what happens when God disappoints us?
What do we do when we expect God to move in one fashion but He doesn’t?
How do we respond when God doesn’t do or say what we hoped He would?

Here are some critical things to keep in mind when facing these feelings:

God is God. I know that sounds quite cliche, but it’s amazing how we seem to forget this obvious truth in the heat of the moment. His ways are not our ways nor His thoughts, ours. It takes only a small amount of time in reading scripture to realize that when God makes a plan, He often does the opposite of what humanity would expect. But a part of making it past disappointment is remembering who God is. He’s GOD- Almighty, All Knowing, and All Seeing.

God is not sentimental. My Apostle, Ricardo Watson puts it this way: “God is good, but He isn’t nice”. You cannot expect God to treasure everything that you treasure, particularly when that thing stands to block you from entering into your divine destiny and purpose. That could mean a relationship dear to your heart gets severed or a place where you were born and raised, you’re led to pack up and leave. When it comes to your life, God will not spare your feelings so that you can die a more comfortable death. He’s the giver of life, and sometimes the process of giving you new life turns your current life upside down.

Don’t complain. It only makes things worse. Have you ever noticed that complaining does nothing to improve your mood? As a matter of fact, the more you complain, the angrier you become and the worse you feel. Often this build up of emotion leads to sin. King David said, “I will bless the Lord at all times as his praises shall continually be in my mouth”. Now before you think, “that’s easy for him to say because he’s not going through what I’m going through”, think again. King David was a man running for his life and dodging flying javelins during the time the psalms were composed. We cannot assume that just because someone has a better attitude than we do that they have a better reason to have one. Some people have WORSE situations than you but have made a decision to praise!

 Keep a praise on your lips in those difficult moments when it seems like God has let you down. It’s not easy to praise God when your feelings are hurt but complaining will only compound the problem.

When I weened my children from drinking out of bottles.  you would have thought that I had cut their little hearts to the quick! There were many tears shed and they found it difficult to let the bottles go. But I knew as their mother that the sippy cup was the next stage in their maturity. I knew once they became used to the change, they wouldn’t miss their bottles anymore. Likewise, when things in our lives begin to fall away and our worlds shake, we must trust that He’s only leading us to a greater place of maturity and promotion. Your relationship with God can survive disappointment if you keep the right attitude.

What are some of the disappointments you’ve faced in your walk with God?