I was scrolling through twitter earlier today and came across some interesting banter between a well known gossip blogger and a celebrity. Long story short, the gossip blogger tweeted an insult about the celebrity. Less than five minutes later, the celebrity fired back with a few harsh insults of her own.

I’m sure that to some the celebrity “won” the back and forth because her insults packed a greater punch. But I couldn’t help but say to myself after witnessing their exchange, “She would have come across so much better had she ignored the insult altogether”.
After all, it is kinda hard to maintain your title of “classy” once you’ve laid it down to “go in” on someone.

It’s also hard to tell strong, confident women to pick their battles and ignore petty verbal exchanges. Women know all about being “the bigger person”. So why is being the bigger person still such a hard sell?

I believe it’s because we have failed to realize that who we are should influence what we choose to acknowledge in our world.

In other words, some things simply don’t deserve your attention because of who you are and what you’ve been called by God to do!

For example, historically, the President of The United States is probably one of the most openly criticized public figures in the country. But because of his high ranking position, we don’t expect him to respond to every single insult written about him. It just wouldn’t be becoming of a President. He’s way too important to even have to acknowledge what every little critic is saying or doing. He’s Commander in Chief and can speak to world leaders on a first name basis. Get my point?

“Do not answer a fool according to his folly, or you will be like him yourself”. Proverbs 26:4

In your own life maybe it’s the co-parent who’s behaving immaturely or the family member that’s always armed with a veiled insult. Wherever the drama comes from, learn how to ignore more than you acknowledge in a day.You’re way too important to reduce yourself to a petty war of words or of trading insults. A lot of nonsense in life would die if we’d simply stop giving it life with our attention.

 To be the bigger person, you can’t continuously step down to where the little people are.
Refuse to validate negativity by acknowledging it!

Ignore more of the negativity in your life than you acknowledge and watch the drama dwindle and your peace of mind multiply.