In Part 1 I defined “The Diary Of A Baby Mama”.  Now let’s get into some of the questions that have been raised since the blog began.

Does This Blog Glorify Single Motherhood?
While it is important to be supportive of women who are in this type of family structure, I believe strongly that this is not how God intended for families to be.

 No one should aspire to be a single mother.

 It is an incredibly difficult road to travel for adults and children. God’s Grace is sufficient to help single parents through. But deliberately becoming a single parent subjects children to a life of challenges that just aren’t necessary, not to mention the challenges single parents must endure. Parenting isn’t about biological clocks and deadlines; it’s about the children. I hope that by being candid about my own journey, others will glean from my experience and make better choices for themselves and their own children.

I’m Not a Single Parent. Can I Benefit From Reading This Blog?
  One thing this blog attempts to do (and quite successfully I might add) is bridge the gap between all mothers, regardless of the circumstances that brought us all to motherhood. Mothers in general have more similarities than differences and this blog opens the window to look in on a world that other mothers who operate within two parent households may have only known by assumption. Information is power. One of the most difficult duties on earth is motherhood, whether you’re married or unmarried. The more women unite and help each other by sharing knowledge and experiences, the better off we’ll all be. Also, women who are not yet mothers enjoy many of the posts as they relate to many common experiences. There really is a little something for every woman in Diary of A Baby Mama.

Are You A Male Basher/Anti Marriage?
I am not a male basher. I love men dearly. However, I shoot straight and I don’t pull punches. lol!  Now, I am a woman so there will certainly be times where my tone may sound more sympathetic to women. The same would occur if a man blogged about being a single dad.  Despite all of this, I do have several male readers who are blessed by the blog.While I write from a woman’s perspective, I do strive to maintain my respect for all men in my blog. Growth and maturity is a process. I never wanted to hide my growth process from you. That would be dishonest of me. Instead, I carry you along with me as I navigate through my own personal challenges in growing and maturing. It’s not always a pretty nor a perfect picture but its certainly an honest one.

Secondly,  I am PRO marriage. I believe nations are built by families. God has set men as leaders over families to protect, provide, lead and defend. There’s no greater gift that a child could receive than to be raised under the comforting umbrella of a loving mother and father in the union of marriage. Hopefully one day soon and very soon, I’ll be blogging about my engagement and future wedding plans! But until that day comes, I’ll wait patiently and support as many happily married couples as I can.

Is It Hypocritical To Be A Christian With Children Out Of Wedlock?
While I understand this question, I find it perplexing. Are we asking is it ok to be a sinner before you’re a saint or you can’t be a saint because you were once a sinner? lol! Christ died for the ungodly, and that would include ME. It’s not hypocritical to repent, ask for forgiveness, receive salvation and walk in the newness of life. The Blood of Jesus still cleanses and Grace is still amazing.  In the post Family Values, I talked about the need for single, Christian mothers to reinforce their moral values with their children and not be fearful of appearing hypocritical to them.  And as Jesus said so graciously to the woman caught in the act of adultery, “Go and sin no more”.

I’m excited about the topics He’s giving me to discuss in the very near future with you all! As you continue to support, I would ask of you a small favor:

If you’ve been blessed by a post, pass it on to someone by sharing via facebook, twitter or email. We’re all blessed to be a blessing to others.

Together we will continue to glorify God while ministering healing to those who are broken, hurting and in need of God’s Grace!