After many failures in life and a multitude of disappointments, I came to a point where I knew I needed more. Nothing I had and nothing I was doing was working. But what was missing?
What my life was crying out for and what my soul needed was a father.

The sheep that are in the most danger are the ones without a shepherd. Leadership spreads a blanket of protection over us. God is our Father, and in His wisdom, He has given us fathers to protect, guide and provide for us.

This protection comes in many different forms and goes by many different titles. You may call some your coach, your Pastor, Bishop, Apostle, uncle, grandfather or big brother. Whatever the title, the duty is the same. They protect you, keep you safe both naturally and spiritually and direct you in the way you should go.

I’m so glad God answered the prayer I didn’t even think to pray. He sent me spiritual leaders who were able to step into my life at a critical juncture and begin leading me in right paths. No one has seen God, but we see our fellow men daily. It’s through the people that we see daily that God does some of His greatest work.

Maybe you’re at a place in life today that seems dark and confusing. Maybe you’re like I used to be and you are the one everyone looks to for answers, but now, you just don’t have any. You’re on “E” and you don’t know what could ever fill you. You’ve tried hanging out with friends, drinking, being ambitious, smoking and being promiscuous. Everyone tells you these things should make you happy but deep down, they don’t. You’re in a crowded room but still feel lonely.
Your soul isn’t crying out for a drink of alcohol or even a sexual encounter.
You soul is crying out for the safety, protection and comfort of leadership…
A father.

Prayer Point: Father, I pray today for someone who may be reading this who’s life has been void of the direction and authority of a father. They’ve spent days and years not listening to anyone because of pain and disappointment. But today, their soul is crying out for the peace, safety, security and direction that only a father can give. Now Lord, I ask that you would reveal yourself as a Father to them. I also pray that you would connect their lives to an earthly representation of Your Father’s heart. You promised to give us pastors after your own heart. Connect them to leaders who will care for them, lead them and instruct them in right paths. Cause their lives to realign to Your perfect will for them. Reveal to them that all they need is You. Show them that You desire to lead them and cause them to receive leadership and instruction that will direct their destiny. Thank you Lord for victory and breakthrough that is flooding their lives now! It’s in your Great and Holy Name that we pray, Amen.

Pain and agony ends where leadership and instruction begins. Thank God for those He has sent into your life to instruct you in His ways and keep you safe. Continue to pray that He would connect you with those who can father you.
I’m a witness that He will.
You don’t need another crutch. You need a father and you need to listen to him.

 The heart of God today is for His people to return to Him. Your life may have many voids, but only He can fill them. Only He can direct you, guide you and shepherd you. Your Heavenly Father knows what you have need of and He wants to provide it. If you’ve strayed away from your Father, hear His call- Return.  He loves you today and though you life may be broken, He is the only one who can make it new.

Receive the healing touch of the Father today.