When you think of fatherhood,  authority and leadership immediately come to mind. Take a look at our society, and you can see what is missing.
Take a look at the Church, and you can see what is missing.

Your life is never so chaotic and disastrous than the moment when godly leadership and authority is removed from your life.

I’ve met plenty of people in my generation and younger who are fed up with authority and leadership.
We’ve seen and heard it all, and a lot of us have done it all. We know God should be the head of our lives, but who among us has the right to tell us how to live?
As far as we can see, everyone that claims to love and know God acts just like we do and has just as many if not more problems than we do.
Who needs a leader?
Who needs a father?

It’s funny because when you’ve done without something for so long, you become defensive and say to yourself, “Well, I really didn’t need that anyway”.
The walls come up, the heart grows cold, and the pain continues.

But this Father’s Day, I believe that God has a message for His people, young and old, men and women: You need a father.

To be continued in Part 2…