One of the hardest things for a mom to accept is constructive criticism. It just plain hurts. It’s tough for moms in general and single moms specifically to hear anything that sounds even remotely like “what you’re doing now isn’t good enough”. It’s almost as if your parenting just got graded and you immediately see nothing but F’s straight down the column. But there’s always a better and sometimes easier way to go about things.

My sister and I talked earlier about a well known singer who has natural talent. There’s no disputing the fact that the woman can sing her face off. However, when it comes to her presentation, she’s not for everyone. Sure there are some loyal fans who can tolerate her insisting on performing without shoes and sometimes, without proper undergarments. They’ll stick it out with her. However, she’s limiting her reach to so many other people, not because she doesn’t have talent but because she refuses to change her presentation.

Don’t be closed minded when it comes to receiving constructive criticism from various sources in your life. Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water. Realize that motherhood is certainly a challenging assignment, but it doesn’t have to be done in the most difficult way. Schedules can provide much needed structure to households and even show you where you have more time in your day for things that matter most to you. Taking a closer look at the eating habits can improve both the behavior and health of your child. Creating a week long menu can also reduce your grocery bill.There’s more than one way to go about things. Embrace research and information. Never stop learning.

 Staying open to learning new things is one of the best gifts any mom can give to her family.