“How did I get here?”
Who hasn’t asked that question of themselves before? We look around at our lives and circumstances and wonder sometimes, “How did I get here?” How did 5 years of my life slip away in a broken relationship or marriage? How did everything I thought I’d achieve by this age seem to allude me? How could I end up so far from all the things I believed were promised to me?

Maybe your story is similar to mine. Maybe you’re a mother reading this whose family structure is not what you planned and isn’t what you desire. Maybe you’re a single mother as a result of a divorce, death or simply, a failed relationship. Whatever the scenario, you’re looking at your life and wondering how you managed to travel so far from all the things you wanted in life.
“Is there hope for me?”
The Grace of God is sufficient! Allow me to explain.
When I travel, I implore the use of my cell phone’s navigation app. I have often missed my turn. This initially would cause me a great deal of stress and anxiety. However, over time, I learned to wait a moment and listen to my navigation. Soon, I would hear, “Recalculating route…” Then, the app would tell me to make a U-turn and which street to take for a U-turn or it would give me completely new directions that would take me to my destination.
Such is the Grace of God.
We’ve all ended up on the wrong road before. If you continue striving in your own strength and ability, you will continue to be lost. But when you look to the Lord and trust the Grace of God to work on your behalf, He will give you new direction for your destiny!
You may not see how you can go from being a single mother with multiple children to a happily married woman in a stable and loving home. You may not be able to see this but your Heavenly Father does. He knows the paths you take and He also knows the way to bring you to the destiny that He promised you.
It may feel as if God’s direction is taking you away from your destiny at times. That’s a part of the process. You must trust God in those moments that you commit your life to Him but it still seems as if your life isn’t moving in the right direction.
You still haven’t met “Mr. Right”.
You still have overdue bills.
Your children are still in need of the direction and guidance of a strong, father figure.
You’re serving the Lord, but what has changed?
Continue on the road that the Grace of God will make plain to you.
It may not seem like going to Church Sunday after Sunday makes a difference, but it will.
It may not seem as if serving faithfully in the Lord’s house has any bearing on your life, but it does.
All that you do, you do it before the Lord. As He guides you, directs you and covers you with spiritual leaders, you are being repositioned in life. Your route is being recalculated.
Before you realize it, your faith has increased, your intimacy with the Lord has strengthened, and you have a different outlook on your life.
Before you realize it, you start to see familiar surroundings. Soon, your life starts to look like the destination you hoped for.
Trust God to give you new direction today.
It doesn’t matter how lost you are and that you’ve taken a wrong turn. All that matters is that you are finally ready and WILLING to listen to HIS direction for your life.

If you can simply trust Him, and lean not to your own understanding, He will lead you to the place He promised you.