It is definitely a different world today than the one I came up in 30 plus years ago. Children are exposed to much more adult content than ever before in history. As early as 6, some parents are having to sit down with their children and discuss topics that were once held until they reached 13 or 14.
What’s a single, Christian mom to do in a world like this?
I was raised in a two parent home. My parents were married before I was born. My sister and I are the only living children of both my parents.  I come from what would be described as a traditional, Christian home.
However, my children come from a mother and father who were never married and their father has a child outside of our relationship.
Is it reasonable to try to establish a traditional, Christian household with such a background?
My actions and those of my parents, their parents and anyone else does not redefine the truth of God’s Word. It is my responsibility as a Christian mother to speak the truth of the Word to my children. The Word of God says that a marriage is between a man and a woman. The bible says that. Not me. Not my parents. Not my pastor.
Even though I was raised to know what the Word of God says concerning marriage and family, I chose to do my own thing. However, if you’ve been following my blog and know me in real life, you know that the decision to do things my own way and not God’s way have incurred consequences that I could have never anticipated. God’s Grace is sufficient in my life, indeed. However, Grace hasn’t always made the consequences of my actions go away. If anything, the Grace of God has given me the ability to bear them.
So as I look at my children, I realize that although I may not have made all the right decisions in life, It is still my responsibility, as their mother and first introduction to who God is, to tell them what “right” is. When they are old enough to ask me why I haven’t married yet, I will tell them the truth. Marriage is a sacred institution, created by God. It should not be entered into casually and without His counsel. Until such time as the Lord reveals to me who the man is that should be my husband, I will remain single. I will give them the same advice. Be in no hurry to marry. Be in no hurry to have children outside of that marriage.
When they wonder what right and wrong is, I will show them the Bible. I will tell them that our country was founded and established on the authority of scripture. Men and women bled and died for the truths contained within its pages. Men may stumble. Those in authority may fall. But at no time does that relieve them of their responsibility to honor and adhere to the truth of the Word of God for themselves.
When they misbehave, they are not allowed to use their sibling as an excuse for their actions with me. Likewise, when they stand before God, they must give an account for THEIR own deeds, not someone else’s.
That’s my duty as a Christian mom.
As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.
All sin is sin but not all sin carries the same penalty. If you steal a bag of candy, you won’t serve a life sentence in prison. But if you take some one’s life, you may spend the rest of yours in prison. They will know that certain sins, the bible says, are against their “own bodies”. Those sins carry a heavier penalty.
I will teach them that a wonderful portion of the Grace of God is that nothing that we’ve done in our past excludes us from living a righteous life today, if we accept Jesus as our Savior and by faith, receive His righteousness upon our lives. They will know that Grace doesn’t rename sin but it does remove excuses.
There’s no excuse for continuing in sin when Grace is available.
My children will know this.
So single Christian moms, do not shy away from establishing the Word of God as the firm foundation of truth in your home. If your children ask you why your life appears to differ from what the bible says, be honest. Your honesty will only strengthen their respect for you. It is when we lie and try to re-write the bible to suit our lifestyles that we come under the condemnation of hypocrisy. The Word of God is true even if my past contradicts it.
It is my responsibility to align myself with the Word. The Word will never bow to me.
My children are free to believe what they want when they are older. But they are not free to redefine the bible.
No one is.