My children are quite fascinating in that they both share a characteristic that appears to be common in small children. They have a hard time distinguishing between what is real and what isn’t. When it comes to their various cartoons and educational programs on tv that involve animated characters, they are completely ignited by these images to the point they begin to speak of these cartoon characters as if they could walk up to them, greet them and meet them in person. I have spent many a day (and still do) explaining to my children that while these images are fascinating and fun, they are not REAL.
It can be a challenge explaining to two small children that something they can see and hear isn’t real. As a matter of fact, they still don’t totally believe it! After all, sight and sound are powerfully persuasive. But the fact remains that no matter how many times they hear the voice of their favorite characters and see them move on their tv screens, they are not real.
There are plenty of things in our lives presenting themselves as real. We can see it and even hear it. However, these things that we see and hear do not align themselves with the Word of God. They contradict our faith. Anything that contradicts your faith isn’t real. It is fake.
I don’t care how animated or loud it is. Our reality is based on the Word of God, the preceeding Word from the very mouth of God! It isn’t what we see and hear around us that leads us, or rather, should lead us. But it is what we see and hear by the Word of God that is real.
The next time something presents itself to you and causes you to doubt the promises of God spoken over your life, remember the lesson I’m trying to teach my children. Just because you can hear and see something doesn’t make it real. If it’s not of God and from God, it’s not real.