It’s been a moment since I last blogged. I apologize for the delay. Things have been a bit hectic around my way. I just finished a 21 day fast last weekend which was intense. Also, I’ve been working on my book which has been one of the most challenging projects for me to birth. For some strange reason, writing comes easily but writing a book specifically has presented a challenge to me. I do believe that’s because a book is another level where God desires to take me. Of course we know that new levels bring new challenges. I won’t say “devils” because I aint claiming that! lol! So when I do get a creative writing flow, I’ve been devoting my energy and efforts to my book. So many of you have told me personally that you would support a book if I wrote one. I don’t feel pressured by this (hehe) but I do realize that it is another ministry tool that you all could put into the hands of men and women that you feel could be blessed by it who may not necessarily want to log into a computer and read a blog entry. Those of you who care, please continue to uplift me in prayer and ask that God would continue to open up a door of creativity so that I can give birth to this baby book!
I do believe it is going to be GOOD and so far what I’ve written has never been seen by you all before and is straight from the throne room of God. I believe you will be blessed. Continue to pray and support. I will blog as much as possible during this season but if you don’t see updates from me as often, at least now you know why.
I wanted to encourage you today to remain focused. Distractions come in so many forms and from so many sources. Destination finds its root in the word “destiny”. To to have a destination is a place to go; to have a destiny is to arrive there. So many things pop up in life to get you off your journey. Let me give you an example. Maybe at the first of the year you were determined to achieve a certain weight loss and fitness goal. Now, here we are in March. You look up and realize you haven’t been to the gym and you’re snacking on hot buttered yeast rolls. Yea, that’s a problem. lol! A distraction is anything that takes your eyes and ultimately your attention away from your original intent and destination. Sounds can distract you. You turn your head and move your eyes in the direction of the sound. It isn’t your ears that lead the body but your EYES. When your eyes are fixed on the place you want to go, the body has no choice but to follow, no matter what the ears are picking up or even the nose is smelling. As long as the eyes remain fixed, that’s where the body will go.
I want to encourage you to keep your eyes fixed on Jesus despite any hardships and challenges you may be facing today. Maybe you’ve received some grim projections on your job or maybe your family life is in complete turmoil. Whatever the case may be, recognize when circumstances are attempting to divert your eyes away from the destiny that God has promised you. Constantly assess your situation and your position in life. Are you walking where you declared you would or have you gotten off course? We must constantly be on guard and recalibrate our steps to fall in line with the Word of God and His ultimate plan for us.
Don’t be distracted. Dissolve distractions.
Keep your eyes on Jesus and continue on towards your destiny!