Both my children are picky eaters in their own right. I’ve pretty much learned their ways to the point I can get them both nourished with little resistance. However, every now and then my youngest, Caitlyn likes to put up an unusual challenge.
While shopping, she asked for s’mores pop tarts. I was a little hesitant to buy them but she won me over with her persistence and begging. When it was breakfast time the next day, she asked for some. She took one tiny bite and calmly declared, “I don’t like it”.
That’s what I was screaming inside, I promise. lol!
But instead, I began to think.
Finally, I said to her, “It has marshmallows in it. I know you like those”.
“Marshmallows?” she replied.
I knew I had her then.
She took another little bite, and then another.
Then she looked up at me and asked, “Will you feed me?”
Most times I let her eat on her own but when she’s struggling with a particular dish, I will step in to make sure she gets finished.
So bit by bit, I passed it to her and eventually, she finished her once un-liked pop tarts.
I can’t help but think about our Heavenly Father and His loving care of His children.
How many times have we declared that we didn’t like something, simply because we didn’t know what it was? But once He brought clarity to our minds, we began to embrace that thing and be nourished by it.
Sometimes adversity comes and it doesn’t look good. It’s different, strange and doesn’t smell familiar. But it’s time to arise and eat from His hand.
It will nourish you.
It will strengthen you.
It will satisfy your soul.
When you struggle to eat what He has set before you, whether it be a situation or a passage of scripture, simply say, “Lord, feed me”.
By His hand you shall be fed.
He is our daily bread and He will give you the grace you need to finish.