It’s one thing to be injured and hurting.
It’s quite another experience to be hurting and injured in more than one place.
I suffered a freak accident today.
I cut my forearm on a broken picture frame.
I took a picture of it because honestly, I was astonished at such a severe injury. I’ve never been cut this deeply in my entire life.
My sister seems to think I need stitches.
We’ll see. lol!
I’ll spare you all the pictures because not everyone can stomach such pictures. Heck, I can barely stomach it! Thankfully, I have my mom here who helped me quickly clean and bind up the wound with gauze.
At first I didn’t feel much of anything. I just stared at this gaping, nearly two inch gash in my arm. I saw parts of my arm that probably should be left to the medical professionals to view.
But now it hurts.
I know it’s there.
Before I hurt my arm, I was fighting a cold.
Body aches.
Runny nose.
I’m feeling better but I’m still fighting.
But now I’m hurting in more than one place.
It would be nice if we could deal with one thing at a time; one hurt at a time.
But sometimes, both naturally and spiritually, we have to deal with more than one source and more than one place of pain.
Maybe it’s a painful past and a painful present.
Maybe it’s a sickness in your body while battling to stay afloat financially.
Maybe it’s a stressful job and a deteriorating marriage.
There are so many places you can hurt and unfortunately, we can experience hurt in all of those places at once.
I’m debating whether or not to get stitches for my arm. I’m sipping herbal tea for my cold.
I will rest.
I will medicate.
And I will heal.
It may take some time, but all of the hurting places can and will heal.
That’s the glorious reality of being a believer.
Many are our afflictions, but the Lord delivers us from them all!
If you’re hurting today in more than one place, be encouraged.
Take comfort.
The power of God is present and available to heal you, wherever you may be hurting.
Ask Him. Seek Him when things are difficult, complicated and painful.
He’s not only able, He’s willing to heal you, no matter where you hurt and no matter how many places that hurt may be.