The prettiest bouquet
The most beautiful gem
The biggest and the best gift
That I’ve ever received
Came from the thoughts of your mind
Committed to paper.
Typed in an email.
Scribed by hand.
Spoken through your lips.
How beautiful it is to receive
The words of a man to his woman.
The words that you speak
Lead me and feed me.
Please don’t starve me
Of your words.
I need them.
They are necessary.
See how I smile
Just because you said it?
Ten girlfriends said the same thing today.
I barely noticed.
You said it once and changed my whole demeanor.
See how I wear it now because you said you like it?
See how I style it now, because you said you like it?
Your words have an effect on me.
I wish you could see it.
Do you know the power of your words on me?
They can get me through the day
Or keep me in bed.
Not wanting to eat, drink or shower.
Your words.
I wish you knew the power of them.
You told me once you loved it when I smiled
And now I smile more than I ever have in my life.
Just because you said it.
You told me once to go for my dream
And I did it.
Just because you said it.
Your words changed me into something different.
Better at times, worse at times.
Like an ebbing and flowing tide.
I rise.
I fall.
At your word.
You told me it tasted good once.
So now I serve it faithfully.
Just because you said you like it.
I listen to what you say
With my eyes closed.
With my head turned.
When I’m cursing and swearing
Seemingly not caring.
I’m listening to you.
I hear every word you say.
Every word you speak
Is a seed inside of me.
I’m pregnant.
Some seed didn’t make it
But some took root
And when I give birth
You’ll see
Just what the words you planted
Look like inside of me.
Be careful what you sow my love.
One day, you shall reap.
Let the words of your mouth
Be gentle.
Recognize their power and significance.
I’ll carry them long after you speak them.
And some day soon, I will deliver.