My children are so excited about Christmas. I know exactly how they’re feeling. I was once their ages and I can remember the excitement of the holiday season and all the wonderful toys on display. Ever since October, they’ve been telling me what they want. I’ve been listening.
When I was probably around 8, no older than 10 years old, I had my heart set on a cabbage patch preemie doll. My mama knew how much I wanted that one doll. She saved her money, quarters, nickels and dimes, and took my sister and I to the mall. I saw the baby doll I wanted and asked my mama could I have him. She said something to the effect of, “I don’t know. I’ll have to see”. What didn’t know was that she had already planned on getting it for me. She just wanted me to pick out the one I wanted.
Finally, Christmas day came. Under the tree was my Cabbage Patch preemie doll. I was the happiest child on earth! I loved that doll with all my heart. I played with him constantly. He even went with us on family vacation. I’m 33 years old with children of my own but I’ll never forget that gift as long as I live.
Because it was just what I wanted.
The bible tells us that if we delight ourselves in the Lord that He will give us the desires of our hearts. There’s a difference between something we want and something we sincerely desire.
It changes our tone of voice.
It becomes the cry of our hearts, not just the cry of our lust.
My mama knew this doll was my desire. She could sense it.
The proof of this is the fact that I still have this doll, no holes or rips.
God knows exactly what our desires are. Not those things we lust after, just waiting to get our greeding hands on it so that we can devour it quickly and forget we ever had it once it’s gone.
He knows those desires that if we were to ever receive them, we’d spend the rest of our lives being grateful and cherishing it.
This holiday season, as you exchange gifts and watch family and friends respond in gratitude to your generosity and thoughtfulness, remember that your Heavenly Father is also preparing good gifts for you. Gifts that will change your life forever.
Gifts that you will treasure.
Gifts that you’ll spend the rest of your life being thankful for.