I can’t emphasize the importance of prayer to a mother’s life.
There are so many things that we face emotionally and circumstantially that without His guidance, we will never see which way to go.
We need Him to direct us and help us to focus on things that matter most.
We need Him to show us those hidden little issues that are just waiting to become greater ones.
We need Him to show us who to trust around our children and who to avoid.
We need Him for everything, including our own sanity when all of the children are sick and we are too.
We need Him when the money’s spent and all of the bills are due!
We need Him when the gas light comes on in the car and we’ve used the last diaper in the bag.
We need Him when husband or boyfriend walks out on his responsibilities.
We need Him when we want to love again.
We need Him when we’re ready to start over again.
We need Him to help make sense of everything we’ve ever been through.
Without Him….
We moms can do nothing.
He’s the only reason I’m standing today.
I pray that you’ll find Him to be everything that you need.