Is it really December and are we really staring Christmas in the face?!
I typically love this time of year but honestly, the last two or three years haven’t felt that “Christmasy”.
For starts, the WEATHER. I do live in the South but even my area experiences cold weather. We’ve only seen a couple of near freezing temperatures and a couple of mornings of frost.
I’m not used to the sunny Florida temps we’ve been blessed with lately but I’m thankful for them..It’s just hard to associate Christmas with warm weather.
And then there’s this business of decorating. It seems like I’m the only one in my house inclined to haul the tree out of the garage and start the task of assembling the tree and hanging decorations.
Now do you see why it’s still in the garage?
But the kiddies want a tree. I wouldn’t mind a tree, I just mind the WORK involved in putting it up and taking it down. I think last year, it was almost February before it came down.
Let’s not forget the shopping for Christmas gifts.
I haven’t even started.
I don’t know what’s wrong!
I’m not a scrooge or anything of the sort. I just don’t feel all the holiday cheer. It seems too soon and contrived. I wince at Christmas music. It feels out of season.
I wouldn’t mind celebrating if it actually felt like Christmas to me.
But it doesn’t.
Most likely, I’ll bite the bullet and haul that tree out of the garage and start my work. I love making my babies smile and seeing their faces light up with all things Christmas. I loved Christmas lights as a child and honestly, I still do to an extent.
I’ll be getting into the swing of Christmas soon, even if I am a couple of weeks late.
Basically, we’re all just trying to hang on until Christmas break when the children are out of school for two weeks. Matt and Cait are super excited about Christmas and the older they get, the greater their anticipation grows. The Sunday paper causes mayhem in my house! Toy ads lay strewn all over the house while they each chirp, “Mommy, I want this, ok? Ok mommy?”
And while I love gift giving and buying gifts for my children, I also haven’t overly emphasized it.
I’m not anti gift giving at all. I think we can go to the extreme sometimes as believers and folks who are anti holidays. But I believe there’s nothing wrong with giving gifts. The true joy comes not in quantity but when you get just what you wanted. And that’s what I’ve been listening out to hear. My children’s desires change CONSTANTLY but as they chatter among themselves, I occasionally hear them say to each other the things they really want for Christmas. Those will be under the tree.
So I guess I’ll get myself pumped up and ready to haul this tree out tomorrow.
At least if I don’t put it up, we can trip over the box all week long. 🙂