For the first time since they’ve been alive, my children are waking up in their daddy’s home for Thanksgiving.
He picked them up yesterday evening when he got off work.
For the first time since they’ve been alive, I’m 100% ok with it.
There was a time I would have been a puddle of tears and given him a hard time for thinking he could take our children and spend time with them and not me.
Things are different now.
I’m so in love with “ME” that I’ve been looking forward to the alone time.
My mom works everything Thanksgiving so I’ll have the house ALL TO MYSELF for a few hours!
Any mom can tell you that it’s rare to ever be alone. The closet thing most of us get is a trip to the bathroom and even then, there are little fingers and toes under the door, asking, “Mommy, what are you doing?”
My sister, who has always been my biggest supporter has been encouraging me to really take in and enjoy this time to myself and to tap into what really makes me happy and enjoy that.
Can I be honest?
It’s been so long since I’ve had the chance to think only about myself that I literally drew a blank.
I thought about some chores I could finish up while the kids were away.
Thought about re-organizing the junk drawer. <<< RIGHT! lol!
Thought about doing some shopping and I may go to the store and prepare a nice meal for myself.
My first idea was Chinese, but after watching the 700 lbs woman on Dr. Phil and then the Biggest Loser Thanksgiving Special, I decided that might not be the smartest thing to do. Sheesh. lol!
I am currently doing one of my life’s greatest loves, which is writing and finding a great deal of contentment in that.
I realize that there are a lot of people who are having to celebrate traditional holidays in un-traditional ways. Maybe you’re like me. Your parents are divorced and now things are tense and awkward. Or maybe you’re a single parent and you have to share holidays with the father of your children. Maybe you’re single with no children and your family just doesn’t seem to have the “get together” spirit like they used to. Or maybe still, maybe you’re the one who does all the holiday cooking and planning, keeping the family together. Wherever you fit, be sure to put yourself on the list and celebrate you.
I could spend an entire blog entry naming the things I’m most thankful for this year but if you’ve been following my blog, I think you already know. Out of all the things on a “thankful” list, how many ever say, “I’m thankful for ME”?
Are you thankful for YOU?
Do you really appreciate the person you are, the strength you’ve shown and the gift that you are to the world?
Something to think about.
I’ve come a long way this year in more ways than one and it’s only by God’s grace.
Just the fact that I’m sitting here with an empty house and a smile on my face is proof to me of the change!
We don’t always get what we want in life. I would have liked the marriage, the formal dining room and the husband who carves the turkey and plays games with the children. But that’s not what I have. I have something that is different but beautiful and blessed. What I have today is the result of Grace.
So today, I’m going to try to listen to my heart and do everything it tells me to do.
I may watch a little tv.
I may do some cleaning because that’s just what I do when I like to think.
I may do some more writing.
But no matter what, I’m thankful for this place that I’m in.
Un-traditional doesn’t have to be sad. Some traditions should be broken anyway because they don’t truly honor you and those that you love. So I raise my glass to all of you strong and courageous ones who are defining your holiday in a new way. Make it beautiful by celebrating all the Lord has done for YOU. He wants you happy. Whatever makes you smile, He’ll approve of, even if it’s watching “How The Grinch Stole Christmas” in furry slippers.
I’m thankful for you today and I appreciate you sharing my world with me.

With God’s Love and A Heart of Thanksgiving,