Here’s a question that often comes up when discussing single parent households. There’s this question of, “Is it possible for a woman to raise a man” as if manhood is foreign to women.
Let me tell you what I think…
Femininity may be foreign to men, but masculinity isn’t foreign to women.
The bible is clear in Genesis that the woman was created for and FROM the man.
Also, she didn’t come into existence by man’s request but per God’s observation of man’s need.
God observed man and created woman as a suitable help meet. I’m not even sure if Adam was aware of what he was missing until he saw it standing right in front of him!
So to answer the question: Not only can women raise men…

I have no intention of turning out anything short of a grown man in this house.

While I respect his father tremendously and acknowledge his weighty contribution to the growth and development of our son, I also realize that 95% of my son’s time is spent with ME.
From the moment he came into this world, mine was the first face his eyes saw.
My voice was the first voice he recognized.
My correction was the first discipline he received.
And for all those men out there who may be sighing and rolling their eyes…particularly you good men…
Ask yourself honestly…
Would you be the man you are if it wasn’t for your mother?
I’m no walk in the park when it comes to discipline and high standards of excellence.
I insist on respect in my house and I expect both my children to function ABOVE the norm at all times.
I expect them to be thoughtful, courteous, compassionate, responsible, forward thinking.
All of these characteristics lay the foundation of manhood and adulthood.
If that foundation is shaky or laid improperly, the whole building (man) will be flawed.
I take my job seriously.
Masculinity and femininity are not overly emphasized in my home. Sure, there’s a clear difference between the sexes but more importantly, my children are learning to respect PEOPLE. Not just girls respecting boys. Not just boys respect girls. Respect for all and everyone, regardless of race and gender.

Eve’s name means “the mother of all living”, and that includes men.
I’m not just an influence to my daughter but to my son also.
He’s learning responsibility, accountability and maturity from me.
He’s learning the fear of the Lord (which is the beginning of wisdom) from me.
He’s learning that when he makes choices, he is expected by me to own his consequences.
Tell the truth.
Think about your fellow man.
When he takes a woman’s hand in marriage many years from now, I guarantee you, she’ll be glad THIS woman realized that she could and SHOULD raise a man.
After my dating and relationship experience, I wish more women had possessed that same assurance.