We thrive on rules and regulations. Rules make the world go around. Were it not for rules, cars would crash, systems would fail and we’d all descend into chaos. Rules established the very world we live in the moment God declared, “Let there be…”.
So when it comes to this love thing, where do the rules go? lol!
The father of my children and I have a very unique relationship. We are not enemies. We are not a couple. What we are now has yet to be clearly defined.
But this is what I do know…
Yesterday at 10:50 a.m., he called me with fear in his voice, telling me he was leaving work because he was suddenly ill.
I’m sure the rules say that’s his problem, let him figure it out and keep it movin. I’m a baby mama and that’s all.
But that’s not what happened.
Instead, I called, I texted. When he left the emergency room, I went to his house to check on him.
He didn’t say anything negative. He did tell me I didn’t have to go through the trouble for him.
Maybe, in the back of his mind, he didn’t think he was worth the trouble.
But he is.
Everyone that I love is worth the trouble.
In that moment, when I didn’t know what was wrong with him, all I knew was that I was the one he called and I wasn’t about to leave him to face his emergency alone.
The complicated past between us didn’t matter.
Our gray areas and unclear boundaries didn’t matter.
All that mattered in that moment was being there and showing love.
And that’s the place where love breaks the rules.
You don’t have to explain and rationalize everything.
Some things need to be clearly defined and some things need rules and boundaries.
But love aint one of them.

It is the rule.

Love one another.