I’ve come full circle. Last year, Leslie Sansone and I began a daily work out routine that did me some good. I didn’t lose a drastic amount of pounds or inches but it did improve my overall health. I knew then that I was getting stronger because the one mile work out wasn’t kicking my tail as severely as when I first started. I even moved on to the 2 mile work out and completed it with success. I lost somewhere in the neighborhood of 25 lbs last year. I’ve managed to keep most of it off but about 10-15lbs have snuck up on me…well…more like landed on my stomach, hips and thighs. lol!
So today is day three of my morning workout.
How am I feeling?
Honestly, I didn’t think I’d get through the work out today. Just based on how I felt when I climbed out of bed, I wasn’t interested, you hear me! Stuff was hurting and aching that hadn’t bothered me before and I didn’t want to do it. But I pushed through it. I decided that if I really wanted to shake these 10-15 lbs, I HAD to move.
No way around it.
I will say that I’m not as severely out of shape as I thought I would be. I was heavier when I first did Leslie’s one mile walk a year ago and let me tell ya, I can tell the difference! I didn’t make it through the entire work out the first time I watched it a year ago. This time, I made it through the whole work out, no breaks, pauses, or rolls to the floor. lol! It’s good to know that constant house cleaning and running behind young children does in fact constitute a form of exercise.
I’m not extremely hung up on my weight as far as a number goes. I’m weird in that I wouldn’t mind hips and thighs of thunder if my waist was tiny. Can I PLEASE just get rid of this baby belly once and for all?! But of course, weight loss is a package deal. We can’t pick and choose which parts to modify.
Basically, I just want to look good in my clothes, feel great in my stilettos and keep my health in check. It’s not about losing a ton of weight anymore. I just want to be healthy and look good to myself. I’m tired of looking in the mirror and not liking my waist so I’m doing something about it besides buying a more sturdy girdle.
I doubt I’ll be posting any weight loss pics per se because that isn’t my goal. If anything, I’ll post pictures of my experiments with my look. I’ve changed my hair up. It’s getting cold outside so I’m rocking the longer hair. I’m 90% natural underneath my extensions which is wonderful because it’s giving me a chance to really take care of my natural hair and grow out my relaxer. My goal is to have 100% natural hair underneath any look that I wear. I’m sincerely tired of chemical burns and I absolutely adore natural hair. Weave, wigs, and etc allow me to experiment with a variety of different looks. I know some men (and women for that matter) take issue with “fake” hair but it’s no issue to me. I think a woman has the right to look and feel beautiful. It’s not a permanent thing. I can take the hair off anytime I want and I’ve even worn natural looking extensions. It’s all about feeling good when you step out. It’s funny but most women, when we KNOW we look good, we check ourselves out in the mirror and turn our lips up, as if to say, “Girl, you BAD!”:. LOL! I love it!
Whatever you’re rocking, whether it’s weaves, extensions, braids, locks, natural kinks, curls, wigs or bald, feel good with your look. If you absolutely adore animal print, rock it. I don’t even mind if you pick up a signature color. I’ve seriously been considering doing so. I LOVE charcoal gray and black together. Lisa Rae is a prime example of a woman who has found her signature color and rocks it HARD. Why not? Sure, it’s the same color but she also looks good EVERY TIME she’s in it! lol! So yea, haters can hate, but can they really justify hating on you for looking good repeatedly? Kinda makes no sense.
When you find a color that compliments you, stock up on it! Don’t be afraid to buy it in multiple styles, fabrics and cuts. You’ll feel great every time you wear it. And isn’t that what matters most?
You have my permission to feel good and rock what makes you feel good! Stop walking around in clothes you can’t stand, hair you don’t like and makeup that you’re not happy with. Sit your happy self down in front of youtube, watch a tutorial and LEARN! I’ve been watching tutorials for eye shadow and boy, the change has been amazing! I feel so much better about my look and the more I learn how to properly apply it, the better it’ll be.
Remove everything from your space that brings you no comfort or joy. I don’t care if it’s a flat pillow on your bed that you haven’t had the heart to throw out. CHUNK IT! Keep nothing around you that doesn’t give you a daily does of happiness and satisfaction. Eat food that tastes good. Drink drinks that taste good. Wear perfume that smells good. Wear clothes that look good on you. Wear hairstyles that suit you.
A little change can do a lot of good!