I barely got my eyes open this morning before I was bombarded with an unbelievable amount of annoyance. Blaring cartoons, then the unexplained short circuiting of the living room tv by my third child named “Somebody”. Somebody gets blamed for all mysterious accidents and damage to personal property in my house. Somebody and my three year old, Caitlyn, are best friends. Juice spilled all over the kitchen floor and a torn blanket later, I was ready to go back to bed and hadn’t even gotten out of bed. It wasn’t even 7:30 yet and I was already on 10, lungs fully inflated.

I picked up my cell and texted my sister, hoping someone on the outside could explain the surreal events going on in my house. WHAT IN THE WORLD! I know I can’t be the only mom who felt she woke up in Pee Wee’s Fun House! She could sense my growing frustration and I sarcastically replied, “I need to pray”. She replied, “You should”.
Who thinks to pray in moments like these?
Who WANTS to pray in moments like these?!
But everything I wanted to do in those moments were all sins and at the very least misdemeanor crimes so prayer was definitely in order. 
So I prayed. It was nothing grand and worthy of a National Cathedral. It was simple and sincere: “Lord, help me through this!”
A few minutes after I prayed, the Holy Spirit began speaking to my heart in the form of thoughts. I began to think, “How can I move past this overwhelming sense of anger and frustration that I feel? His gentle reply, in the form of another thought was, “You move past anger when you don’t dwell on it. Dwelling on the things that make you angry is like placing a pot of water on a stove and increasing the heat. Before you know it, it’ll go from a simmer to a boil. That’s what anger is like. A pot on a stove. Take the pot off the heat. Don’t think about what’s making you angry and rehearse it over and over in your mind”. Sure enough, it worked! I stopped replaying the broken tv and how I imagined my industrious little girl managed to seep Capri Sun into the back of it. I stopped dwelling on the thoughts. 
The pot of whatever was still there, but it was no longer on the stove coming up to a boil.
As I was reflecting on just how whacky my day began, I realized that we serve an everyday God. What I mean by that is we often forget to include Him in every aspect of our lives and the activities of our day, including our frustrations. He’s our lifesaver in times of crisis, but what about letting Him be our Guide Who leads us out and away from the crisis?
A certain entrepreneurial woman started a very successful business with the marketing strategy of providing recipes and crafts that easily fit into our everyday routine. Nothing dramatic. Everyday.
God is an everyday God, not just a major crisis and struggle God. He’s God when we’re frustrated with our children, our bosses, our parents, our spouses-ourselves. He doesn’t need us to qualify our issues and cares before we cast them on Him. As a matter of fact, He did specifically tell us to cast ALL of them on Him because He cares for us.
He’s an everyday God that’s accessible all day, everyday and for everything.
That’s a wonderful thing to know.