They say I’m angry.
They say I’m always rolling my eyes, and snappin my fingers
Sucking my teeth and stomping my feet
They say I’m angry.
Never scared to fight
Earrings always unclasped
Ready to whoop somebody’s ass-umption.
They tell me I’m angry.
They say I can’t keep my own man and if I do get a man
I’ll run him off and turn him into an international, multicultural man.
They say I’m angry.
My blood boils, my jaw’s tight
I’m always looking and ready for a fight
I’ll snatch off my weave and yours too
I’ll put your business in the streets and his too
I can’t be trusted
I don’t work
I lay around and make babies that no one wants to raise
Including me.
They tell me I’m angry.
They call me b*tch and I agree.
I call my girlfriends by this name.
I guess I’m like a pitbull in heat
To them.
They tell me I’m angry
I’ve been so burned in the past that I’ve forgotten about my future
And that I unjustly hold the next man accountable for the last man’s sins
But no one cares that when the last man was committing his sins
You were his best friend
You were his alibi and you supported his lies
You gave him rides
You let him hide
Out in your crib, your house with his other lady
But that’s right
I was too busy being angry
To know this.
And if all of my sisters are angry
Then what does that make all of you brothers?
Co conspirators to a generational crime of neglect?
If all of my sisters are angry
Then what does that say of you, my neighbor?
If you took the time to talk to me
You wouldn’t see anger
Just anger
Only anger
You’d see an ocean, no, a sea of emotions from me.
You’d see the woman I want to be yearning to be free
From bondage laid on my shoulders by my ancestry
And assumptions.
You’d see that I’m no different that any other woman on this earth
Tired of paying for the sins of Eve in every relationship I meet
Tired of being blamed for every societal woe
Tired of being a man’s foe
I’m just like every other woman, who feels twenty pounds too heavy
Who feels blamed and accused
Who feels labeled and misused.
I started out thinking it was just about my brown skin.
But the truth of the matter is…
You have a problem
With the woman within.