*Note to self*  No matter how cute the outfit, please refrain from wearing 4 inch wedges to a toddler birthday party Miss Mel. lol!
Needless to say, I’m worn completely out! I packed a pair of comfy shoes in my purse but I was so busy, I didn’t even have a chance to slip them on. Although my back and knees are now voicing their displeasure, the kids and I had a great time at their cousin Nadia’s 2nd birthday party. She is a cousin on their father’s side. It’s amazing to me how many families have embraced me over the years as if I were their own. I find that to be a wonderful characteristic of southern families. At the end of the day, most figure somehow or another, we’re all related in some sense and they welcome you into their homes and hearts accordingly.

This was quite possibly the last birthday party of the summer for Matt and Cait and certainly that last one before school starts. Back to school…*sigh* I’ve been suffering from a moderate to severe case of denial and procrastination regarding Matt’s first day of kindergarten. School starts this coming Wednesday and we meet his teacher Monday. I would say the obligatory, “I aint ready!” but now that we’ve reached panic mode, the need for such a comment seems unnecessary. lol! He’s going to absolutely love school and I’m going to devote an entire blog entry to the milestone, don’t you worry.
Right now, I am unbelievably relaxed. I’m feeling that “good tired” feeling, you know what I mean? It’s that tired that lets you know that you could actually get some decent deep sleep. The only thing keeping me up right now is my desire to blog. Typically, I don’t write very much on the weekends. It’s an unintentional habit.
I want to thank those of you again who read my thoughts. I can’t tell you how much it means to me.
Lastly, before I retire for the night, I’ll tell you about two other components of my weekend. I viewed almost the entire session of Manpower again this year online. I watched last year also and it was amazing then and now. I know I’m a woman and all but I LOVE the preached Word of God and the speakers this year were BANANAS! I couldn’t help but remember that I was in a relationship briefly with a guy who attended Manpower last year and he called me constantly and sent me pictures of The Potter’s House.I had a nasty case of bronchitis and he asked me if I wanted him to fly to Dallas or stay and come to see me. Aww… I know, right? lol! Too bad that relationship crashed before it even made it to the end of the runway. I wondered if he had made the trip again this year. Apostle Ron Carpenter, founder of Redemption World Outreach here in Greenville, SC preached his first ever Manpower message this year. It was AMAZING! He spoke about the four components of the anointing, one of which is bitterness. It’s well worth getting the cd. Outstanding. I was so proud to be a Greenvillian.
Last but surely not least in my eclectic world was my run in with the clearance rack of shoes (AGAIN) at Target. Good LORD! That’s where the four inch gold toned wedges came from. I took at picture of them but the lighting was terrible and I just don’t feel like doing a re-take. As I stated before, I’m a good tired. lol!
But I did manage to capture the detail on a pair of thong sandals I snagged for a little over $6.

ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! It’s like having a brooch on both feet! I saw these sandals early Spring in a print ad and drooled over them. I wanted them so badly but wasn’t willing to pay close to $30 for them. Because of my patience, I’m now the owner of these beauties (in size 11) and will be sure to WRECK the summer of 2012 in them. I’m already having visions of a short black summer dress or even a long maxi dress. For me, it’s all about details. I’m not the most fashion savvy woman there is but when I see something I like, I wear it. Sometimes that works for me, and sometimes it doesn’t. I also tried a new hairdo today that took me a little bit out of my comfort zone. To my surprise I received a ton of compliments which just goes to show that just because something stretches you, doesn’t mean it’s bad for you.  It’s been a great day.
Tomorrow will be filled with the Word of God in the morning and cleaning up this house! Sheesh. Then I’ll receive my little ones again and start preparing them for school. Last weekend’s drop off was a near disaster and their father and I haven’t said two words to each other since.It’s like we’re in a competition to see who can say the least to the other and still get a point across. I’m just tired of immature drama. I’m 33 years old. It’s time to move on to BETTER. I fully intend to have what I decree and believe. And I believe AND decree that I will have a loving husband, a strong marriage and a solid family. Drama is made for audiences and I for one sure won’t be attending.