I am sooo excited about having a moment to myself! Those insiders of mine know I literally fought to get it today, but the kiddos made it safely to their dad’s house and are so far still with him. On my way back home from the drop off, I swung by Target. I don’t know you guys…there’s something about that gigantic red BULLS EYE that draws distressed shoppers in need of retail therapy in like moths to a flame! Before I knew it, my four truck tires were in a parking space. It didn’t take me long to see plenty of great deals:

These size 11 cute wedges were only $12.48 on clearance! You know us bigfoots can’t find cute shoes for this price! Can’t wait to come up with a really clever outfit to put these beauties on display!

Please forgive the lighting. I’m not photog…just an excited shoe lover. lol! Snagged this camel toned wedges for the tune of $13.98! With their suede-like soles, they are extra comfy on the tootsies.

The fairest of them all…my bejeweled flats. These were only $12.48 on the clearance rack. For all of those who thought I’d only rock a heel, here’s the evidence to the contrary. I respect all heel heights, as long as they’re cute! That’s my only fashion advice for flats. Make sure they’re saying something! When people get down to your feet, give them a little sparkle and detail. I promise you that you won’t feel so plain and dowdy even if you’re in no mood for 4 inch heels!

The sole of article clothing that I purchased for myself (I almost asked a sales associate to grant me permission to buy myself a dress) was this navy and camel striped dress! Oh my, oh my. If I had a husband, boyfriend, or even just a good friend who’d hold a camera steady, you’d see that I KILL in this dress. My mom said, “I wish I had legs like that.”, but was sure to suggest, for the Pentecostal in her, that I pair this dress with leggings. I got your leggings mama and they’re calls MY BROWN SKIN! lol! I should have had this dress 2 months ago. Every women is entitled to one dress per season that makes her feel like a million bucks. This dress gives it to me! I feel like a 33 year old, sophisticated mommy in this, instead of a plus sized tent. I’d pair this with the camel colored sandals if I were trying to dress it down When fall comes, I could grab a  navy or camel colored cardigan with this and KILL. This dress will definitely be used quite often. 

I copped one dress and three pairs of shoes for myself on tax free weekend for the sum of $56.93! Not bad at all for a plus sized mama!

And you know I couldn’t leave my babies out. Target is by FAR my favorite store for all of my children’s clothing needs. I have nothing against Wal-Mart. There Geranimals clothing line is the best. However, you can’t beat Target’s Circo clothing line for boys and girls. I got Matt & Cait three outfits a piece. In all, my total bill was $108. How fantastic is that?! It would have been lower had I not thought of myself…*sigh* but I talked myself down off the ledge and decided to do something nice for ME this weekend! Thanks for sharing in my haul folks

I’ll leave you with a few pics of a couple of my favorite pieces currently in my closet..Whatever you do, be creative, mix & match, and be patient!

My “go-to” dress of Summer 2011! Great color, flirty length and detail.

It’s all in the details! Delicate bibbed crochet work and a crisscross back…killed it!

A couple of my favorite statement rings. I love bling. No one cares about real or fake anymore. It’s about how  the light catches the accessories. Don’t be afraid to choose what you feel is pretty, whether it’s real or not.

Not sure if I’ve shown these already, but if I have, please forgive me.. Had every intention of rocking these this Spring or Summer but it never happened. Here’s another fashion tip from Mel: you’re building your fashion house, one piece at a time. When you choose good pieces with a great design, they’ll last for years! These shoes are close to two years old.