We’ve seen him or her before. That person who has a blatant disregard for most traffic laws. We’ve all been in the car a time or two with the person who drove like a bat out of hell and when we arrived to our destination, had us kissing the ground in gratitude.
When I was in high school, right around my junior year, my school was rocked by the unexpected deaths of three popular students after a football game. The driver was a jock who was known for joking around in class and being the guy everyone wanted to hang around. He was also a notorious reckless driver. He drove at break neck speeds often and for the most part, had little incident until that one fateful night.
About four people were in the car, all of them I knew to some degree. After the football game, the driver offered to give his three other friends a ride home. He pulled out of the school’s parking lot and headed to a popular street called “Verdae Blvd”. Verdae is a long stretch that deceivingly allows a driver to get up to speed on at least a half mile’s worth of straightaways. The only problem is that side streets are accessible to Verdae. The driver made his way onto Verdae and made the decision to take his passengers on a high speed ride. Unfortunately, about a quarter mile into his joy ride, an elderly man made it to Salters Road, a side street that intersected with Verdae. Just as he made his decision to cross, my classmate crashed into him.
Four people lost their lives that night: the driver, and two of his passengers. Only one person in the car survived but he suffered severe brain injury and never played football again. The elderly driver was also killed.
When I hear the term “reckless driving” my mind immediately goes back to that incident which sent my entire school into a period of deep mourning.

But what about the reckless drivers who get behind the wheel of our hearts?
How many times have we allowed the unstable, the selfish, the abusive, and the unappreciative to come into our lives, hop behind the wheel and take our lives on a deadly joy ride?
How many times have we allowed a heart breaker to add us to his list of victims?
On how many occasions have we maintained a friendship with her even though she was never a friend to us?
You don’t have to be a speeder to be a reckless driver, although that’s definitely the most common type. All you have to do is be a person who ignores the rules and doesn’t respect others who are on the road with you.
That’s all it takes.
The same applies to our lives.
You don’t have to be noticeably reckless to be a reckless driver. All you have to do is be disrespectful of others and ignore the rules of protocol when they apply. Some things just shouldn’t be said and some things just shouldn’t be done when you claim to love and care for someone. If you break those rules, you are reckless. And if you’re reckless, nobody should be in the car with you.
Reckless driving causes accidents and death in motor vehicles.
Reckless drivers of the heart have caused deaths of relationships, self esteem and destiny.
He says you’re his woman, but two or three other women make the same claim.
She says she’s your friend but whenever you need her, she’s not around.
She’s always calling you needing something, but never seems to have time to do anything but pick up the money you let her “borrow”.
He refuses to wear a condom because he says it feels better when he’s with you. He’ll be careful, he says, and won’t give you a disease or get you pregnant.
You confide in her but listen to her tell everyone else’s business. You think she’s not doing your business the same way when you’re not around?

Don’t put reckless folks behind the wheel of your heart.
Only safe drivers.