Nothing starts my morning off great like a rich cup of coffee! I’ve been a fan of the taste of coffee since I was about four years old and my mom used to give me a few sips of her Sanka. Anybody remember Sanka?! lol!
I loved the smell and taste of coffee.
Fast forward to 2010, and I decided to join Gevalia’s coffee club. Oh, the joy! I don’t drink coffee every single morning but here and there, I’ll take in a good cup or two. But here lately, I’ve become frustrated.
Here’s the source of my frustration…

It’s not the coffee, but the CUP it’s in! The coffee is FANTASTIC! I enjoy each velvety drop. My frustration comes from the cup that holds my favorite coffee. I must admit, I gave more thought to the coffee than I did the container that would hold it. I put my credit card number down and signed up to receive the gourmet coffee by mail…
But I didn’t even go out to the store to find a cup suitable enough to hold it.

That will preach, won’t it?