Ok. so I took a few days off from blogging. My apologies. Sometimes us women folk just have our moods and it’s best I make my words few when I’m in such a mood, know what I mean? Not sure if y’all can stomach another man rant. lol! So now that I’ve had a snack, put on some roomy pants and put the babies to bed, let’s talk.
As I stated previously, my love for shoes has been reawakened. I’ve had my eye on this certain pair of shoes for about a month. I was hoping the price would be marked down a little more. I like to look good but Lord knows I can’t justify spending hundreds to do so when I have two hungry mouths to feed! After waiting for weeks, the price never went down again. So before the bad boys were sold out, I placed my order.

And without further delay…

Ok, I know I said the glittery heels were my favorite shoes but I honestly think these have taken their place! I love everything about this shoe, including the solid red 4 inch heel and the red platform with solid black stripes going across it.
A few fun facts about this shoe: This shoe is called the Speed Limit 98 Akey Cheetah Pump- Tan. On the Houser Shoes website, this shoe runs in sizes 6M-11M. I ordered the 11 M, of course, and I’ve found the shoe to be what I’d consider a true 11. I wear size 11’s most of the time because I’m only a half size larger. Size 12 shoes are too big, and let’s face it, most of the cute shoes don’t come in 12! Great shoe for women who wear 10.5 normally. I’ll post pictures of myself wearing them when I feel like breaking out the ol’ paint roller and painting my toes. Hey, y’all know I keep it real! It’s been a couple of weeks since my feet saw some polish and a Ped Egg (which by the way is an invention birthed in heavenly places) so I’ll spare y’all a peek at my untidy toes. lol! If you’re my height and weight, then you know that any heel over 3 inches is definitely not comfortable but I’ve found that platforms are the way to go. I walk on my toes anyway and platforms add an extra bit of shock absorption that makes tippin around just a little more pleasant. It’s a well made shoe that normally retains at Houser for about $40.00. I snagged it for $29.97. Ordinarily, I wouldn’t pay that much for a shoe. I’m serious! I know true shoe divas would consider this a steal, and it is. But my budget is just way too tight for that type of splurge. But this shoe was well worth it. The colors and leopard print are very stylish for the woman who likes a bit of flair, like me. As soon as I find the perfect outfit, I’ll be sure to post it. I’d really love to try a light colored sheath dress of some sort, maybe even a red sheath. Talk about POP!
 I know this picture isn’t in the best lighting and you’re dying to see more angles but not tonight. Mama is tired! My children’s father didn’t come to get them this weekend (that’s another blog entry) which means no break for me. But rather than focusing on the negative, I choose to focus on the positive…
These stunning shoes!
And of course, I have not one thing to wear with them. lol! Actually, I’m sure I could scrounge around my closet and pull something together but who wants to do that?! This is definitely the perfect shoe to spice up a basic black skirt or pantsuit. I’ve definitely placed a check by that combination. But I’ve also been trying to think outside of the box and have considered pairing these with beige, ivory, and even gold outfits. I’m completely open to suggestions. I’ll post another pair of stilettos that I purchased last year in a unbelievably bright shade of turquoise. I was looking to punch up my wardrobe with some great color and ended up buying a pair of shoes I was too scared to wear! lol! I’ve only worn the blue heels once, and that was with a very safe pair of jeans and a white , peasant style top. But trust me, I’m not all about being safe. I don’t mind taking a fashion risk, especially if it looks good on me!
I really wish I had a better camera and a steady handed boyfriend to capture these outfits I’ve been pulling together for myself lately. I know money’s tight but that has led me to be more creative. Nothing wrong with pairing old standbys in your closet with new pieces. With the addition of just three colored tank tops, I’ve created several different outfits. I’ve also started using cloth belts from other skirts with jeans to create a dramatic focal point in my casual outfits.
I’m not really sure what to call my style. I’ve been known to pair a valour sweat suit with a rhinestone choker and matching bracelet. Who does that?!
Me. lol!
I like things that make me feel pretty, even if I’m casual. It is very hard for me to dress casually. I always seem a bit “dressed up”. I don’t mind jeans but I can’t stand sneakers. I only own two pairs of sneakers, a pair of white Airforce 1’s and a blue and gray pair of New Balances that have one foot in the grave and the other, in my closet. I’m most comfortable in business casual attire. I’m least comfortable in sneakers. IF the mood hits me and I fel up to it, I may post some of my favorite pieces from my closet. I’m sure you’re all dying to see what a size 20 woman loves to put on, right? Aww, y’all are too kind! lol!