I’ve decided to talk about something that I’ve never discussed before on my blog: fashion.
The truth of the matter is that coming up, I had little to no fashion sense. As a teen, I was awkward and often just wore clothes to keep myself from being seen or exposed, but rarely was I trying to make a fashion statement. Part of the problem could have been my issues with my weight which made shopping an uber-uncomfortable experience. By the time it was over, I was just glad to have a tee shirt and pair of pants. I’m about 5’11”, 255-265 lbs with a size 11.5 shoe. Yep. Those are some rather, umm, stout dimensions. lol! I’ve always faced challenges in the fashion department. Great legs, but thick waist. Narrow but LONG feet. I had no desire to make a fashion statement.
That was, until I hit my mid twenties. I don’t know what happened. Maybe it was my change in job but for whatever reason, I decided it was time to step my fashion game up a few notches. I started buying shoes like crazy and coordinating my outfits better. I started getting compliments for my shoes. Wow. ME?! The girl with the monster feet?!! Yep, me. lol!
At the height of my success, I had children. Like so many fantastic moms, I set so many things aside for my children, including my good fashion sense. I was pregnant for the second time by the time Matthew turned 10 months old so flats and comfy loafers became my uniform. After all, it’s not exactly easy to carry a stroller and car seat up two flights of stairs in 4 inch heels. Also, it’s not exactly comfy being pregnant period! lol! The name of the game for a long time was COMFORT.
But I have a confession to make…
I have a love affair with shoes!
If my foot was an inch smaller, I’d have a serious problem! I’ve given thought to having reconstructive surgery on my big toes to make me a size 10. Who CARES about boob jobs! GIVE ME A FOOT REDUCTION FOR CHRISTMAS!! LOL!
 I wouldn’t care if my whole closet was stacked with boxes upon boxes of shoes! I’m not a purse person. There are some women who would kill for a great bag but handbags have never really been my thing. My sister (sorry Babe.. puttin your business out there) loves shoes and earrings. Earrings have never been my thing. My thing is SHOES!!!!
My inner fashionista has been stretching and yawning for about a year or so but she fell out of her bed when she saw these…

Four inches of glamorous insanity!! I almost screamed aloud when I saw these bad boys in the store. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! WHY AREN’T THESE SOLD OUT?!! So I bought them and have admired them ever since. If I were a bride, I just found my wedding shoe. But since I’m not one yet, I’m still trying to come up with an outfit that will showcase these beauties for all they’re worth!
So right on the heels of these babies are four other pairs of shoes in the mail. I cannot WAIT to get them. I’m like a kid at Christmas! As soon as they arrive, I’ll be sure to share them with you. I’m also sympathetic to women who have larger sized feet so I’ll also be sharing where I got them and if purchased online, the available colors and sizes. I picked up the shoes in the picture above from Houser Shoes. My local Houser store does a great job of keeping size 11 shoes in stock. Unfortunately, size 12’s are scarce and if you come across one, it’s UGLY! But the Houser Shoes website also has a great selection of size 11’s. Just WAIT til you see the two shoes I ordered from Houser Shoes this time. I don’t think y’all are ready… I really don’t. I don’t think I’m ready for that matter! These things are FIERCE!! Do we still say fierce??? LOL!
So that’s a sneak peek into my little world. I love, love LOVE shoes. I’m also developing a love for statement necklaces and bracelets. Dots and Burlington Coat Factory have a great selection of jewelry for reasonable prices. You can easily pick up a nice necklace from either store for $8-$10. I may post pictures of my jewelry favorites as well. We’ll see.
Oh, and did I mention the UPS man who delivers to my neighborhood is a tall drank of coolin water?!!! Good God from Zion. Should I answer the door when he delivers my four new pairs of shoes in those glittery heels??! HA!!