Exodus 4:1,2- “And Moses answered, But behold, they will not believe me or listen to and obey my voice; for they will say, The Lord has not appeared to you. And the Lord said to him, What is that in your hand? And he said, A rod”.
Years and years ago, I heard a sermon entitled, “What’s In Your Hand?” preached. I can’t remember all of the details, as I was quite young and possibly distracted when it went forth, but the title alone has remained with me all these years.
Truth has a way of surviving, even if buried underneath years worth of folly and foolishness.
So I’m here today, a single mom of two beautiful children, wondering what could this scripture possibly mean for me. You see, I love the Word of God, but the Word that I cannot apply to my life will do my no good. It won’t yield anything to me because I have no faith for it. So in order for a scripture in the bible to be productive in my life, I must be able to identify with it. What I can identify with, I can believe God for.
So here’s the deal…
Like Moses I’m facing some pretty daunting tasks. My life has seen major upheaval and change in the last 10 months. Things have changed. My life is different now. When I was at the wheel, I had the false sense of knowing what would happen next. Now that I am allowing God more and more authority and control over every aspect of my life, I have to admit, I have way more question marks than pretend periods.
But guess what? That’s a good thing.
Everything that I read, including this passage of scripture tells me that God can and will use what I have, no matter how small or insignificant it may appear. It’s all right here…somewhere waiting on me to discover it, pick it up, and use it like God instructs me to.
There’s so much more to living than being miserable and envious until you die. I want that good life that’s filled with spiritual blessings and the favor of God. I’m not too concerned about how anyone else would assess my success or failure in life. As far as I’m concerned, peace & joy will do that for me.