I didn’t know I was your eventually girl
Sent to live in your eventual world
Waiting for you by the window of your heart
Hoping our relationship would eventually start
When you eventually got on your feet
Eventually our hearts would meet
And eventually you’d be the man of the house and eventually my spouse
You’d eventually share the load and learn the code written all over my facial expressions
You’d stop my stressin and quit messin with my mind, heart and emotions
You’d make a real start and do your part eventually;
When the moon was just right and the creek decided not to rise
You’d eventually recognize me as your queen, and your prize.
Soon as ends started to meet, you and I could greet a beginning to this thing we started and ended
 Started and ended.
Started and ended more times than we could count
You’d eventually show that “good girl” what you were all about.
You’d be her knight in shining armor, you’d be the “end” to her independence.
You’d wipe that smirk off her face and her pain you’d all erase
You’d show her you weren’t lying to her when you whispered promises in her ear night after night.
You’d show her you could make things right
You’d be that man you wanted and that she needed
You’d banish those demons of self doubt-defeated.
You’d done so little but you’d do so much
But too bad I didn’t know I was your eventually girl
And I never wanted to live in your eventual world
I was there all along and alone in a place called Now
Scared, lonely and confused
Waiting for you to somehow work up the nerve to become a citizen
Stay with me there.
Live moment by moment, and dare to believe that our love and our faith could raise us above our troubled past.
Although we’d never seen it happen, we could have a love that would last
Two children would see love at it’s finest
I believed in it everyday, wrote about it and prayed for it.
But you never took the oath, never joined me in Now
And somehow I’ve got to figure out a way to survive on this Now Island
Full of up’s, down’s, uncertainty and trials.
I didn’t think I’d have to do it without you
But here I am, right here, in Now.
Living and loving life like it’s brand new. Painting the town red and enjoying the view.
I waited for you in eventually
But eventually I realized you weren’t really there either
You had a time frame you couldn’t frame
A commitment with no comment
And I have to walk away and stay somewhere more stable, more definite.
More like what I signed up for, but unfortunately minus you.
Still loving you from Now, eventually you’ll see that.
And though it’s awkward and tough to be your friend, I’ll be that.
But I could never be the woman that
Sat by the window of your heart, listening out for, and wait for you to come