I’m just a little bit giddy at the moment. It’s not often that I have a house that is void of high pitched squeals and meltdowns so forgive me if I devote the lion’s share of this blog post to my happiness! After a brief conversation with my children’s father earlier today, he agreed to take them for the night and part of tomorrow. I am beside myself with joy.
I dropped them off at his parents’ house because that’s where his oldest daughter was at the moment. After we walked outside and he took the car seats out of my truck, I stopped him, gave him a hug and said, “Thank you”. He asked me “Why?” as if I had nothing to thank him for. Maybe I didn’t in his mind, but in my eyes, he’d given me so much by just taking our children for an overnight visit. I told him that I appreciated him doing what he could, even though he was more focused on what he couldn’t do for them. Unfortunately, so many dads spend a lifetime depressed and mourning the dream that they couldn’t fulfill when it came to raising their children with more than what they had. But what I hope he soon realizes is that children just want YOU. It’s nice to have gifts, named brand shoes, toys and trips to expensive amusement parks. But sometimes just sitting down beside dad, watching a dvd, sharing bath time and getting into a tickle fight is worth more than all of those material things put together.
Alright… enough about him.
Let’s talk about ME! LOL!
So what is this mama going to do with herself?
Well, I’ve been nursing a back ache for the past few days. I’m  a workhorse when it comes to bearing a load of pain. If I holla, trust me, it HURTS! So this backache has had my eyes watering and left me unable to touch my toes. It wasn’t until I laid flat on my back on the floor that I found relief. Looks like I’ll be spending the night in the middle of my living room floor. I certainly don’t mind because it sure beats sharp flashes of pain radiating throughout my lower back all night long.
My mom and sister seem to think my mattress is to blame. I’d have to agree. As a matter of fact, I think it’s the bed, period. I’ve been considering getting a new bed for a little while now. It’s a queen, which was fine before I had Matthew and Caitlyn, But now that they’re here, we need more room. They love to come into my room in the wee hours of the morning and sometimes, we all doze back off before getting our day going. Well, I’m usually half asleep, catching a wiggle worm by the seat of his or her pants before they topple over to the floor below. So yea, it’s time. lol!
Also, my destructively ambitious children have both managed to partially destroy one and completely demolish the other of their toddler beds.Yep. WE ALL NEED NEW BEDS AT THE SAME TIME!
They were sleeping on an airbed but they somehow managed to poke a hole in it (You all have no idea the amount of mayhem two small children are able to produce together…NONE.) so it’s usually nearly flat by morning. So they come into my room, and then we wrestle and toss and turn, and somewhere in all of this, mommy threw her back out and is crammed into a girdle my mother graciously let me borrow so that I can touch my toes again.
I’ll be spending a part of my free time scouring craigslist in search of new beds. I’ll spend the big bucks on new mattresses for everyone but the beds themselves will be as inexpensive as possible. Hopefully, I’ll come across some good deals somewhere soon. Mommy can’t be creeping around the house like she aged 30 years overnight.
Not a good look.
I’ll be sure to update you with my finds!