I was sitting at my desk yesterday around 6:00 p.m. when I noticed the pine trees that surround my back yard starting to sway violently. Just about every afternoon since May our area has been dealing with severe weather warnings and watches. We’ve already made it through two hail storms and seen our fair share of lightning. However, we managed to avoid any power outages, until last night.
Once the power went out, there was nothing to do so I decided to step outside, camera phone in hand and take a look at the friendly skies.
Does THAT look friendly to you?!
It was the largest mass of clouds I’d ever seen in my life and it literally HOVERED over my neighborhood for what seemed like 20 minutes. There was no violent winds, no hail, no lightning, and not even a boom of thunder. It was just a huge, ominous storm cloud HOVERING over my neighborhood.
Immediately my mind went Old Testament. I wonder is this what the children of Israel saw as the pillar of cloud began to form and hover before them to guide the way? I looked up at the skies and said aloud, “You will NOT harm my house, nor this neighborhood, NOR this entire area!”. As the rain began to pour, I stepped back inside. I did my best to keep the children occupied but little did I know we were in for almost a 4 hour power outage.
But there was no storm. Nothing broken, damaged or blown away. My empty kiddie pool didn’t even blow across the yard!
To God be the glory.
I couldn’t help but think as I reflected back on the sight of that intimidating storm cloud hovering right over my neighborhood and right in front of me, how many things in our lives behave just like that cloud? There’s no real threat to it but its presence alone is enough to strike fear in us and that fear alone paralyzes us.
But just like the cloud rolled on by, although slowly, this too shall roll on by.
It won’t harm you although it looks as if it will.
I’m covered.