Well, as promised, I decided to give the free dating site plentyoffish.com a try.

First of all, let me start by saying that for what it’s worth, I think it’s a great site. I have nothing in particular against the site itself.
With that being said… 
I quickly realized that this was totally not for me.
Back in the day when I used to visit such sites, I was completely game. I wanted and needed the attention that the hundreds and possibly thousands of gawking men would give. What woman doesn’t like to hear the occasional, “You are sexy as hell?” Feels good every now and then.
Feels better when it’s coming from someone who loves you.
So I guess that was the biggest let down. I’m not condemning the men who did leave their comments on my profile. They liked what they saw and responded accordingly. No one was offensive but a couple were forward. None were great conversationalists and most emails contained, “I’m good, u? Where u live?” Blah. There were two gentlemen who I found interesting and handsome but I was quickly turned off by their unwillingness to engage in conversation. I’ll pass.
Maybe five years ago I would have felt as if I’d hit the lottery with this site. There are a lot of available men there and it doesn’t take long at all to hear from them. 
It’s just that now, at the ripe ol’ age of 33, I need a little bit more in my life than feeling as if I just joined a human auction. Yea, that’s basically how I felt.
Felt like I was walking the streets at night, alone. Sure, there’s some good people in the world but there’s some creeps in the shadows too. I saw some creeps. I knew those who wanted to “hook up” and nothing more. When those types commented on my profile, that left me feeling creepy. “Do I strike you as the type of woman who’d be down for that?!”
So yes, I’m still interested in dating but it won’t be that way.
Online dating sites are just that: dating sites. 
It’s virtually impossible to formulate a friendship with a man whose sole purpose is to try to get the prettiest faces to respond to him. No one read my bio. No one reflected back any of my interests. They viewed my pictures and hit send on “Hey beautiful. How r u?”
Before I went to bed, I decided to do a little reading in my bible and almost instantly, I flipped to 2 Chronicles 15:2. The passage simply says that God will be with us as long as we’re with Him and if we seek Him with our whole hearts, He’ll be found of us. Once I read that passage, I was convicted in my heart. I immediately prayed and asked God for forgiveness. I can believe God to help me pay my bills and heal my body in miraculous ways. 
But why can’t I believe Him for a mate in that same manner?
Why do I feel the need to “help” God help me?
So I logged onto plentyoffish.com and deleted my profile.
I hesitated at first. I thought to myself, “But what if the right guy was just about to log on? You’re blowing your chance girl!” 
That’s possible. A good man could quite possibly be on plentyoffish.com.
But the man for me probably just deleted his profile too with the same realization as I and that is…
Let go, and let God.