Let’s face it. Nobody likes making major decisions and certainly no one enjoys making those types of decisions alone. Single moms know what it feels like to be faced with big stuff (which daycare to place your children in, will you permit this or that medical treatment, public or private school?) and it can all be scary.
Let’s not even take it there to the kids just yet.
Let’s talk woman to woman. Person to person.
Sometimes those are the easy decisions, even though they’re big.
It’s easy to decide what to do for your children. It’s as if something takes over and gives us the super human ability to make a decision for the sake of our children, no matter how difficult it may be.
But what happens when it’s time to make decisions for ourselves? Things go well past difficult.
Should I go back to school?
Can I really write a book?
Will I stay in this marriage? This engagement? This friendship?
Should I date this man or that one?
Should I cut my hair, color it or both?
Truth is, I’ve been in that rut of indecisiveness that causes my life to feel like it’s stuck in a gear. The engine’s revving as hard as it can but I’m not getting anywhere. Will I go back or forward? North or South? This way or that?
And because I can’t decide, I end up not moving.
The only problem with that is not making a decision IS a decision.
When you cast the control of your life over to indecisiveness, the odds seldom if EVER are in your favor. The outcome almost NEVER reflects your wants, wishes or desires.
Indecisiveness is like the lottery. Millions play but few ever win.
The truth of the matter is that God gave an enormous amount of control and “dominion” over to humanity in Genesis. That dominion never disappeared. He still expects for us to fully participate in the world as agents of change as He does in heaven. It’s not enough to sit and wait for something to happen, to let the “chips fall where they may”. He’s expecting us, men and women, single and married, to get up and RULE.
Rulers make decisions.
So, as much as it pains me and probably you at times to make decisions, that’s a part of the job.
Humans have dominion in the earth. Dominion means we rule.
Rulers make decisions.
Decisions create goals.
Goals bring about changes.
It all starts with the ruler…
And I know the fear is, “well what if I make the wrong decision?” God is just a prayer away. He left His will recorded in His Word. We pray and we read His Word for clues on how to rule and do so correctly. But from time to time, we make mistakes. We make bad calls. We take wrong turns and make bad decisions. That’s what grace is for. Not only does grace give us favor with God and pardon from sin and access, it also grants us the power to CONTINUE PAST failure, defeat and bad choices. Just because I made a decision yesterday that didn’t put me in a good place, because of God’s GRACE, I can make a decision TODAY that will transport me out of that situation and back into His divine purpose for my life!
But it all begins with a DECISION.
Better life?
Peace of mind?
Poverty or wealth?
Sickness or health?
Abuse or love?
Unforgiveness or forgiveness?
Joy or sorrow?
The choice is yours.