The bible clearly tells us that the LOVE of money is the root of all evil. However, no time of year seems to drive this point home better than TAX TIME!!! OMG!
Single moms know what I’m talking about here.
First of all, let me be frank and honest. We know that there are those among us in our society who take advantage of the system. We also know that these people make out like masked bank robbers come tax time. How do they do this? Well, those who do not work all year lend out their children’s social security numbers to those who do work and strike side deals in the process. For example, some will say, “if I let you claim my kids, you can hold this much and I’ll take that much”. So ultimately, the person who doesn’t work and the person that is claiming children they NEVER raised and sometimes doesn’t even KNOW walk away with a little change.
But you also have the scenario of the baby daddies who were virtual ghosts all year long who suddenly have these “come to Jesus” moments somewhere around New Years, has found a new sense of commitment to family and children and a major expense around $1000 that must be taken care of immediately, or as soon as your refund check clears.

These both would qualify as FOLLY FOOLISHNESS!
This is a term my sister and I coined because sometimes, folly or foolishness alone just don’t give all the necessary emphasis. It’s sort of like another word that I coined called “monkeydom”. Monkeydom is the behavior that some people display that resembles that of PRIMATES. It doesn’t make good sense, it’s reckless, it’s irresponsible, it’s destructive. It’s MONKEYDOM. It’s a state of being. lol!
Follyfoolishness and monkeydom are closely related in my opinion because both demonstrate a lack of GOOD SENSE!
I don’t understand for the life of me how folks who do not take care of children expect to be able to claim them. I do not understand fathers who do not have custody of their children nor do they spend a significant amount of time with their children expect at tax time to somehow be given a “cut”.
When this season is over and that will be SOON, I will be so glad.
Now, at the beginning of this motherhood thing, I got guilted right up on out of my refund checks. After all, I didn’t know any better and the last thing I wanted to appear was wrong and somehow unfair. Hehe. That was then. At this point, after some real living, I couldn’t care less about anyone’s bad attitude and feelings of unfairness.
Sure, it irks me, but it doesn’t move me to action. lol!
And another thing…
Grown folks who pay real bills and have real responsibilities breathing down their necks 7 days a week barely bat an eye at a refund check. I’ll never forget the first time my tax preparer, Danny, “announced” the amount I was getting back from my two children. He said, “Are you sittin down?” and paused for emphasis. LOL! When he finally gave his imaginary drum roll and revealed the amount, I barely blinked. That was because I realized that the amount would barely cover daycare for a year and wasn’t nearly enough to pay of any major bills. Yawn. On to the next issue please!
So no one will be happier than SISTER MELISSA to see the END of tax season. My desire now and from now on is to honor God in my living as well as my giving. Before tax time rolled around, I committed to tithing again. Now tithing isn’t something I talk about much because at one point in my life, I stopped doing it and was against it. However, just live on a little while. If something is right and true and you LOVE what’s right and what’s true, even if you’re wrong, God will bring it right on back to you and that’s what He did for me in 2010. So after receiving a personal revelation on tithing… *pause* You see, you can preach the principle of tithing but until people get a personal revelation, they’ll never do it or understand it. *push play* I decided to totally restructure the way I dealt with money in my household and the way I think about it. God comes first. I honor Him FIRST. And you know what? I’m not saying that everything was paid, the money tree in the backyard blossomed and I had money to scatter. But provision was ALWAYS there for me. My children always had food to eat, the car always had gas, and the lights stayed on. There were many days I didn’t have two nickels to rub together in my pocket but the peace I found in knowing I honored God FIRST with my tithe gave me the assurance and CONFIDENCE to say, “God, I am honoring YOU FIRST. I need You to make a way for me and my children!” He’s never failed me YET!
So, while folks are literally flippin out all around me over these refund checks, I’m just thankful to have the understanding that I do. I’m thankful that I realize now that behind the job, the car, the house and the groceries is the HAND OF GOD. Had He not given these things to me, I surely would not possess them. Everything is a gift that I am now appreciative of. The health and strength that I and my children have, the shelter, clothing, food and transportation are all blessings that I don’t take for granted anymore. I could be putting my children to bed on a cot in a homeless shelter surrounded by strangers but every night, I tuck them in their own beds in their own rooms… as a single mom.
Aint God a good God?
And so I don’t get testy or indignant when it comes to paying my tithes anymore. Why? Because I’m grateful and I realize that if it wasn’t for God helping me through this life, I wouldn’t have anything that I have and my children certainly wouldn’t be living as they are under my care were it not for His grace.
So I’d like to encourage everyone who may read to just take the time to consider how this year, you can honor God for all that He’s done for you. Maybe you were blessed with a better job this year and a nicer car to drive. Maybe you’ve FINALLY arrived at a place of peace after a long and difficult relationship. Maybe you’re just thankful to have a positive bank balance, even if it says ZERO. Wherever you find yourself this year, how can you tell the Lord thank you? How can you demonstrate to Him with your words AND deeds that you do not take any blessing for granted?
That’s something to think about besides who to claim and what to right off on your taxes. lol!