What a wonderful time of year this is! It’s Christmas time! This is the first Christmas that my children have been old enough to really enjoy the festivities of the holiday and this is the first year in a long time that I have too.
It’s not that I went all out and spent a ton of money on them. Truth be told, I only spent $30. But I can’t tell you how much joy was resident in my home before I spent the $30. It wasn’t the number of gifts nor their cost; it was the fact that I could give my children a mommy filled with joy and peace. This is a mommy my children have never known.
I’ve always loved them but I haven’t always had joy in doing so. I carried a lot of burdens for a very long time: unforgiveness, anger, pain, depression. I didn’t have much hope. Sure, I had some hope because of them. But apart from them, I had very little hope for my own life. I was at a point in my life where I really didn’t know why I was still here on this earth, apart from raising them.

And then He brought joy.

One of my favorite Christmas songs has always been “Oh Holy Night”. This time, I really listened to the words and I must say, they’ve never rang so true within me: “Truly He taught us to love one another. His law is love and His gospel is peace. Chains shall He break for the slave is our brother and in His Name all oppression shall cease”. Talk about words coming ALIVE! I know what it feels like to be bound, oppressed and hopeless. I was a weary world rejoicing when Hope returned to my life!

It’s a new day!

Thankfully this year, the childrens’ father was able to give them a good Christmas materially. I am deeply appreciative because I know he gave out of love for them. I’ve never doubted his love for our children and that in itself is a blessing. I may wonder about his thoughts toward me but never his children. He loves them dearly and when it comes to birthdays and Christmas, he’s always been there for them in one form or another. But even if he hadn’t done a thing for them this year, we are RICH in blessings already! There’s peace and joy in my home. Laughter fills each room. I smile more than I cry and if tears do come, there are more tears of joy than sadness.

He will be their light.

There’s no greater gift that any parent can give their children than a parent that is full of the peace and joy of the Lord. That’s important to remember as we stress ourselves over toys, wish lists and gift wrap. This year, my children have a mommy that’s 100% present for them and not bound and distracted by pain, depression, burdens and unforgiveness.
May your joy be full and complete this year because of the gift of God in the person of Jesus Christ, our Lord.

Prayer Point: Lord, I ask that you would remember every heart burdened by the despair and depression that often attaches itself to this holiday season. May the Light of Your presence shine brightly all around us, chasing away the darkness of our oppression and burdens. May the radiance of Your glory penetrate every recess of our being. May the joy that announced Your coming over 2000 years ago be felt in our hearts this year. May we feel your love, joy and peace in a real and tangible way. Thank You for the gift of love. Thank you for so loving us that You gave Your only begotten Son so that today, we could look up and be filled with hope. May we look to You as the green leaves of the field towards the sun that we might live. May our joy be full in You!