Today is my daughter Caitlyn’s 3rd birthday.  To celebrate her special day. I wanted to post the prayer for Hagar that I wrote a few weeks ago. I hope that it provides encouragement, not only to a single parent, but anyone who is hurting from circumstances that have left you feeling used and unseen…be blessed by this.

I pray for every soul that like Hagar, bought into a plan that needed her to get off the ground and once it flew, left her on the ground. I pray for every soul that fought to reclaim its dignity but instead was thrown out. I pray for every soul that watched one child’s birthday be celebrated and another be ignored. I pray for every soul that feels like a slave, a servant to folks that need u but refuse to honor you. I pray for the soul that like Hagar, finds itself in a desert with a child on the brink of death. I pray for the soul that has just about decided that the naysayers were right: you are worthless and will NEVER be as good as us. I pray that like Hagar, you would be surrounded by God’s loving presence and reassured that you are not forgotten. When no one else sees what you do, He never takes His eyes off you. Every stinky diaper, every sacrifice, every broken promise, every misstep…He is the God who sees and He honors those who honor Him. Whatever you do, turn it around and do it as unto the Lord. Someone had to change Moses’ diaper. Someone had to be Martin Luther King’s professor. Whatever you do, realize you are a part of His dvine plan and your labor is not in vain. He sees you. Amen.